We talk about countless topics in the category of finance. But have you ever tried to read the term ‘Finance.’ It should be useful to know the basic meaning and aspects of a term because it makes a complete industry. The countless financial products that we explore and exploit today belong to the same category of ‘Finance.’ 

What is Finance?

Finance is the art as well as science to manage money in different ways. It includes money management through varied activities such as budgeting, lending, investing, borrowing, forecasting, saving, etc.

What is it important to have financial knowledge?

There can be many reasons to prove the significance of financial knowledge in our daily life. There are some generic reasons and also some personal reasons. The importance of finances for you can be different from the perspective of your colleague or partner, or neighbor. 

Here are some reasons that justify the importance of financial knowledge – 

  • To get financial freedom is perhaps the most important thing, and the whole world is running after it. We all are doing the job and are working hard to earn that feeling of freedom to take our financial decisions without any dependence on others. Even a teenager today cannot prefer to depend financially on their parents. We all chase a sort of passion, but to earn money, we need financial knowledge. Isn’t it?
  • To grow in business faster – Do we need to mention the importance of financial knowledge for a business person? Many of you are already working as a business owner and take many small and big financial decisions for your company. Can you do that without the required knowledge of finance? No, never.
  • To do crisis management – Financial issues keep coming now and then, and at that time to find the right solution, we need relatable knowledge. For example, an ill person living on benefits or some part-time job should also know about the doorstep loans in Ireland. He cannot visit the friends and family all the time for financial help. 

Types of finance 

Finance has many versions, and they relate to varied aspects of the human world because humans created varied types of finance. Here are the types of finance that you should know – 

  • Corporate finance – As you can get the idea, corporate finance is all about money management for commercial purposes. For example – the investment, budgeting, income, expenses of a company can be counted under this category. It also includes the salary and solvency issues of a company. It means everything related to the money for commercial causes is called corporate finance. 
  • Personal finance – This category needs the least introduction because this is something that we all already know. Yes, our personal life financial conditions and money management skills fall under this department. Our finances, including budget management, investment, income, expenses, etc., all come in this category. 
  • Public finance – When money is managed for the well-being of a big mass, it becomes public finance. The government’s financial decisions and investments and financial policies present relatable examples for this. We all bear the impact of public finance whenever the government changes in a country. 

Only personal finance has a limited impact on all the above types because it affects only the person or a family. Corporate finance affects the people working with a company. Public finance has the biggest impact as it affects the lives of the people living in a country. In fact, it even has an international effect. A government that changes the rules on trade finance will surely affect its own business owners and those who trade with them. Public finance 

can affect personal financial plans and also corporate finance strategies. 

Classification of finance based on length of tenure 

Different financial options can different loan tenure options. Similarly, the same financial products have different tenures, such as loan products and investment options. 

There are three types of classes of finance – 

  • Short-term finance – As you can get the idea, it is about the small tenure financial products. Usually, the tenure is 15 months. It can include options such as short-term mutual fund investments, short-term loans, etc. The instant cash loans you take from money lenders in Ireland for three to four months can belong to this category. 
  • Mid-term finance – The financial products with the tenure of 15 months to 5 years are called mid-term finance options. Once again, we have examples for the same industry. A car loan of 5 years or an investment option that has a locking period of 2 years can relate to this category.  
  • Longterm finance – The financial solutions with more than 5 years of tenure have the tag of long tenure options. There are many relatable examples such as – mortgage, heavy machine loan, long-term investment for 10 years, etc. are those with a longer tenure than the short-term and the mid-term financial products. 


We should not underestimate any aspect of finance, even if it relates to our life or not. Try to gain knowledge for every financial solution because you may need to exploit it anytime in life. Thanks to the technology that has made money management easier. Also, it has become simpler to compare varied options available in the market. Today it has become possible to simplify our circumstances and attain our financial goals. Stay updated if you want to live a peaceful life without any chaos, stress, or imbalance in life. 

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