Last weekend, I with my wife, went to see my wife’s senior family member lying on death bed after struggling long time leukaemia.  She had been suffering since she was in her mid 40’s. Having dealt in so many years, she was now on the bed due to the lack of financial support.

She is the only member of the family who was earning. With the severe impact of leukaemia forced her to lie on the bed. She finally seeks the ultimate relief from the pains she had been gone through for many years.

His younger brother already died several years back with the same problem. The problem was genetically revolving in their family, and hardly any of them could survive. She was feeding and upbringing her brother’s only son, who is still in his early 20s.

She was surviving with the dual issues- first from leukaemia and second from financial hardships. She was unable to get any help as she was already in debt, and her credit score could not allow her to receive any monetary support from anyone.

I have made requests to some of my friends to provide her with financial help, but no one could help for a long, even I could not borrow money to help her and bless her with the right of pursuing her life.

This blog I am writing with the consideration of facing some sudden and harsh phases of life that bears the capacity to bring us down with no help and way to get rid of it.

My experience with life is also deriving the same facts of facing them and helps me in deciding the real financial help providers.

Her teachings changed by perspective

When we reached her house with a bouquet with the prayers from the lord that was the only treatment we could expect for. She was lying like dead and shared her views with me saying about what financial issues she had to go through and what if she could handle all them easily.

She asked me how much I have saved for my wife and me. She even shared her experience of not saving for her to recover all her expenses when she would be grown old. When she could not succeed in doing this, then how remorsefully she had to spend her older days.

She even warned me to invest in precious metals, life insurance policies, health insurance benefits, good and safe job, family and home security. Thus, saving all of them to hydrate the pocket balance and never spend on wastage or the things of no use.

She made me understand about the hidden conspiracies of life and sudden quiet attack to destroy life’s happiness and comforts. Saved money can be helpful and reliable in all the means to clear those issues. She asked me to incline over the support of a financial pillar to support you.

Her words had a real impact on my mind and took the oath to work and progress my life as per the recommendation from such a senior fellow who thought for me and advised me to live a blissful and lively life all-time with financial security.

She bid bye to us and turn her direction to the ultimate goal of taking birth.

Changes in personal life

There are situations where we look ourselves failed to recover, and not another thing can bear the confidence and valour to fill it. When we lose someone in our life, we hardly believe in some facts and expected things to recover us from the pains and losses.

But what we can do is, even we lose our lives and provide security to our loved ones by providing them real assets of relying on us after our death. We can start investing in some precious assets and remodelling the ways of making savings on the name of us and for them.

Financial support

Some direct lenders can help us in very destroying atrocities of life by providing loans. They are the money lenders in Ireland. They support the people by providing financial help in case of any casualties.


The hardships of life cannot be entirely detained or resolved. Still, they can be reduced with the successful means of life and pocket efficiency enough to deal with the harsh circumstances and retain the value of living a safe and secured life.

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