From the first day when we become mature enough to start managing our finances on our own, we get to know that the term credit score is the hero financial life. If it drops, we will be in financial threat, and if this score rises, we can be the luckiest person. It is always exciting to think about how a simple score becomes the most important element in our personal finances. However, there are many reasons behind it, and it is better to know about them to act smart in financial life.

A credit score represents our financial behaviour

Yes, it is true. If you are amazed at the role of a simple credit score in personal and financial life, then you should know that credit rating represents our overall financial behaviour. If we are responsible for our personal finances, the credit rating goes down. If there is an imbalance in our money management, the same credit rating goes down and indicates that it is time to improve our habits. 

Here are the reasons that explain why credit scores are SO important to us –

Credit score informs about the timely payment of debts and bills 

Our payment behaviour is perhaps the fastest way to affect the credit score. One time mistake in it can show the immediate effect on the credit rating. It’s sure that we do not face any issues; it is necessary to embrace self-discipline. 

Credit scores can tell whether you are paying your debts or bills at the right time or not. A person with the habit of delaying payments or missing the repayments can never have a good credit score. It means that a drop in credit rating can tell that you are not responsible for your financial responsibilities. 

This can be a considerably negative point because finance companies check your credit rating before approving your application for a loan, credit card, insurance etc. They may later check your complete financial record, but they get the initial Idea and make their mind after looking at your credit score. If the rating is low, it is not a good sign for you. 

It shows if a person has improved control on pending obligations 

Your credit score not always tells about negative things in your financial behaviour. It also informs the finance industry about the recent improvement in financial habits. For example – you had some pending obligations, maybe some missed or delayed payments. 

Once you start making timely payments of utility bills, credit card bills, etc., the credit rating improves. It is thoroughly your favour because tomorrow if you approach any of the loan agencies in Ireland, chances are high. Normally people struggle due to poor credit scores when they apply for a credit card or a loan. 

The improved credit rating can be a great support to prove that you are a trustworthy person with an altered attitude towards your obligation. However, it is important to understand that r rise in credit score does not come immediately. You need to keep working in the right direction, not only temporarily but always. That is the only way to convince the lenders to consider your loan applications seriously and give approval for financial needs.

Credit rating is representative of credit mix

What is a credit mix? Credit mix is a record of various types of credit accounts you have. It shows how you manage the different types of accounts in your financial life. In simple words, you can also call it a mix of short term and long term credit accounts. 

An imbalance between small and big debts can disturb the credit mix. For example, if you have multiple credit cards and they dominate your credit mix, then definitely the other types of credit accounts have less space. 

The wrong mix can disturb your eligibility possibilities for another short term as well as long term financial solutions. Similarly, if you have many long term loans such as a mortgage, long term business loans etc., you may fail to borrow the short-term loans easily. This imbalance shows in your credit score in poor credit score, while a good balance between the short term and long term credit accounts inspires a good credit score.

A credit score can help you get a lower rate of interest 

It is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of a credit score. Yes, if you manage to maintain a balance in personal finances, pay debts and bills on time, your credit score will definitely improve. A good credit score is the most important step to obtain financial solutions at a lower interest rate. 

It is usually useful when people apply for loans. There is perhaps no need to mention that the loan companies in Ireland are more than happy to offer a lower interest rate and a small instalment schedule to the fund seekers.

If you are reading this content, you should immediately check your credit score and feel happy in case of a high score. If the credit is poor, do not worry, improve financial behaviour through timely payments of bills and financial commitments, and boost credit rating. After that, you are getting a low rate will not be a herculean task. 


After reading the above points, you can now easily interpret the importance of credit scores in our financial lives. To live a happy, satisfied, and peaceful life and explore the best offers on financial solutions, keep your credit score well. It is going to help you always. ALL THE BEST for your efforts on multiple financial fronts.

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